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Learning with VMware in 2007

Posted by Gerben on 05/4/2007

New in 2007

  • new certification DSA (architecture & design)
    • topics:
    • command line
    • console security
    • advanced security
    • more detailed coverage of items introduced in the install & configure course
  • two new courses
    • vi3 operator 2-day course
    • vi3 overview 1-day course
  • vi3 fasttrack(or bootcamp if you like) 5-day course covering the install & configure and the DSA topics

Also some stats were shown about the number of vcp’s and courses given differentiated among countries. The thing what struck me most (being a Dutchman) that the Netherlands showed up on second or third place in EMEA concerning VCP certification and people attending courses. Also  from almost every customer I worked for in the past 7 years there was someone present at TSX, and I am not that a traveler

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