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TSX2007 EMEA update

Posted by Gerben on 05/4/2007

Finally I found some time to write down some of the impressions and organize my notes taken at the sessions I attended.
Oh boy, this TSX event is heavy. Luckily there is wireless so we can connect, but so little time to do so, thats if you want to attend a lot of session like I do. The populair sessions are crowded, make sure to get there way before it starts otherwise you can’t get in. Luckily like most of the sessions they are repeated several times, but the schedule plan made on the first day was ruined right from the start.
A lot of people at TSX, about 1000. Everything runs kind of smooth up till now. The overall quality of the speakers is good, but time management could be better. Food and drinks are good, thats if you like French coffee (better to choose tea).
Two days behind us now, I can say it was very useful for me, spoke to a lot of people, even saw a lot of people I know from previous assignments. Lets get in to the last day and then… back home!

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