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Longhorn & Virtualization demo

Posted by Gerben on 12/4/2007

A new Microsoft Technet BLOG created to replace a distribution list published a link to a video on the Microsoft site.
Quoting the Blog:
"This 5 minute video provides a sneak preview of Windows Server Virtualisation – a hypervisor-based virtualisation platform being developed as an integrated part of Windows Server Longhorn and due for release within 180 days of Longhorn RTM.
The video shows you how Windows Server Virtualisation and System Center (Virtual Machine Manager and Operations Manager) will be able to help you optimise your infrastructure and manage your physical and virtual resources more effectively."
Nice to see what is coming next. At MMS2007 in San Diego Microsoft announced that the Beta 2 of System Center Virtual Machine Manager(SCVMM) will be available soon (45 days from the time of announcement, so this would be somewhere in may 2007 around WinHEC2007).

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