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SCVMM Beta 2 released

Posted by Gerben on 26/4/2007

Wednesday Microsoft released Beta 2 of Service Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM).

This latest version of Virtual Machine Manager – Beta 2 – represents a major step forward in providing IT administrators with a fully featured,
easy-to-use and integrated suite of management tools to tackle even the most distributed and complex virtualization migrations. While the
improvements in Beta 2 are too long to list, here is a preview of the major upgrades in this release:

  • Completely new, easy-to-use and intuitive UI based on the System Center look-and-feel (same as System Center Operations Manager 2007, Service Desk and System Center Essentials)
  • Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) Conversions (Windows Server® 2000 or WindowsServer 2003 are supported)
    Virtual-to-Virtual (V2V) Conversions – Using the Windows PowerShell® interface, converts a VMWare disk or a whole VM to the analogous VS
    vhd\vm representation
  • 64-bit VMM server support
  • Every VMM component is now remotely installable, including the VMM server, library server, delegated provisioning portal, administrative
    console and data store
  • Full Windows PowerShell support with documentation – automate away!
  • Better overall performance and scalability
  • Every feature from Beta 1 with more functionality and enhancements

 Click here to view the FAQ which also contains a part about requirements

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