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Windows Server Viirtualization Features postponed

Posted by Gerben on 11/5/2007

Just before the launch of WINHEC Mike Neil (GM, virtualization strategy) posted an article on the Windows Server Division Weblog.
Key issues covered:

  • The beta of Microsoft Windows Virtualization (aka Viridian) will be available with the RTM of Longhorn (H2 2007)
  • And the corresponding version of System Center Virtual Machine Manager will be available 60-90 days afterward.

Mike continues to explain what features will be part of the ‘viridian’-release and ends with the following striking paragraph:

"But with all this progress comes the occasional tradeoff. Earlier this week we had to come to grips with some universal truths about product development:
·         Shipping is a feature, too.
·         The quality bar, the time you have, and the feature set are directly correlated.
·         The mythical man-month – resources are not infinite and even if you could add more it does not help get more done faster.
So we had some really tough decisions to make
So we are making the following changes, and postponing these features to a future release of Windows Server virtualization:
·         No Live migration
·         No hot-add resources (storage, networking, memory, processor)
·         Support limit of 16 cores/logical processors (e.g., 2 processor, quad-core systems is 8 cores; or 4 processor, quad-core system is 16 cores)"
Striking enough these are some of the key features Microsoft showcases with when presenting and demo-ing Windows Server Virtualization.


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