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PowerShell the story continues

Posted by Gerben on 09/11/2007

Recently I posted about a script from halr9000 I tested. Browsing on the world wide web I came across another Powershell MVP (Brandon Shell) who altered the script of Hal and added some functionality. Take a look, if I can find some spare time next week I will test I myself.

I won’t be spending too much time on it though, I’d rather wait a bit until VMware’s PSnapin is spreaded more widely. The only sound I heared about it up till now (probably because a NDR agreement) I found at Brian’s brand new BLOG about scripting.

Now you can see the power of cmdlets, just a couple of lines left with powershell – sure you have to count in the time spent on writing the cmdlets, but the nice thing about powershell is the way they are adopted (as trusted code) and that you can consider them as blackboxes if you want.


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