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VMworld Europe 2008 now open for registration

Posted by Gerben on 28/11/2007

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"February 26st, 2008 is the first VMworld Europe in Cannes, France. We are very busy with all the preparations for this event, making sure we can deliver good quality sessions, have a great representation of the Virtualization Industry at the event, etc.

Well today is the opening of the VMworld Europe website ( and the opening of the registration for the event.

We will have seats for 3.000 actual attendees, the building will not really allow for much more, so there is a very high change we will sell out completely, so if you want to attend, register as soon as possible.

In Europe we have always been running TSX, a VMware virtualization event mainly targeted at the VCPs (VMware Certified Professionals). TSX ‘died’, but even more technical sessions and Labs will be available at VMworld Europe, so this will be an absolute improvement. Sure all techie people now need to learn to mix with less techie people, but I am sure we will all cope -)

VMworld Europe will have around 90 unique sessions covering all segments of the virtualization (x86) industry. We have chosen for a bit less sessions then the previous VMworld event in San Francisco (250 sessions) as we will have all sessions repeated at least 2 times. There will be no pre-registration for the sessions you want to attend, all sessions will work on a first-come, first-serve basis, but with the repeats of sessions, you should easily be able to see most (if not all) of the session you are interested in.

Besides sessions, there will of course also be hands-on labs, where you can get hands-on experience with some of the virtualization products/components.

More information about the actual sessions and labs will follow."

Reading this you now know that this is the replacement of the old TSX, with a little extend to let it look like VMworld (I applied to go there and hope my company will let me go, I will let you know)

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