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Release: VMware Lab Manager 2.5.1

Posted by Gerben on 11/12/2007

Source: VMTN

VMware Lab Manager 2.5.1 is now available. Improvements include:

  • More granular user control. Ability for the administrator to allow or disallow users from template usage and actions that can strongly impact shared storage.
  • Improved administrator controls. Administrators can now change ownership of items, direct administrator emails to the appropriate users or email alias, and test SMTP.
  • IP address savings.  Ease consumption of IP addresses when fence NATting is not required.
  • Longer template names. Template names can now be more verbose.
  • Improved storage management. Improvements to storage usage reports.
  • Swapping ISO images. Ease installs by allowing ISO images to be swapped faster.
  • All interim patches. Lab Manager 2.5.1 rolls up all interim patch releases, including:
    • Templates are not restricted to 4Gb memory footprint
    • Better handling of ESX and VMFS-3 limitations
    • More scalable LDAP implementation
    • Improved email filtering
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