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Vmworld Europe 2008 Day 1 part 1 Keynote

Posted by Gerben on 28/2/2008


At Tuesday the general event of VMworld Europe 2008 started with the keynote by Diane Greene.

After welcoming the audience, showing some figures about growth and mentioning VMware was awarded the most reliable product by Redmond magazine with IBM mainframe as second runner up, Diane handed over to Stefan Van Overveldt from BT (British Telecom). At BT they have placed VMware software in the heart of their strategy, in terms of maturity regarding virtualization they are on the right track to enter the stage of cloud computing. Besides BT a couple of major hardware vendors IBM, HP and DELL presented at the keynote all announcing their support and readiness to ship ESX Server 3i. Not on stage but also co-annoucing was Fujitsu Siemens.

Diane Greene ended by demoing Virtual Desktop solutions (Virtual desktop portability with VDI and the newly acquired VMware Thinstall product).

Diane Greene Intro Keynote
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