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Release VMware Lifecycle Manager 1.0

Posted by Gerben on 31/3/2008

Today I was noticed that VMware Lifecycle Manager (LCM) 1.0 (build 360) is available for evaluation download (60 days evaluation).

VMware Lifecycle Manager is the rebranded Dunes VSO/Lifecycle product which was acquired through the acquisition of Dunes by VMware at the end of 2007.

VMware Lifecycle Manager enables the VI administrators to track and control virtual machines through a consistent approval and deployment process across the entire virtual machine lifecycle. From provisioning to operation to ultimate decommissioning of the virtual machine, VMware Lifecycle Manager addresses the need for compliance with existing IT and business procedures. Responding to one-off requests in addition to using manual procedures to deploy virtual machines can be eliminated and replaced by a consistent process that can be followed across the entire business. Lifecycle Manager can also be customized to work with existing IT operational tools such ticketing or change management systems.


The trial includes:

  • VMware Lifecycle Manager 1.0
  • Note: VMware ESX 3.5 and VMware VirtualCenter software must be running in order to evaluate Lifecycle Manager. Neither VMware ESX 3.5 or VMware VirtualCenter software is included in this trial. If you want an evaluation version of either of these products, please evaluate VMware Infrastructure 3 separately to obtain those products.

VMware Lifecycle Manager comes in two different delivery options standard and customized (names may differ in the future).

Standard (boxed) vs Customized:

As you can see in the image below the Standard product will be a packaged product with the platform locked down (customization is NOT enabled). In this edition the workflows are standardized, if you want to fully customize your workflows to meet the workflows of your enterprise you will need to switch to the Customized product. However some limited (presentation) customization is possible, the web front-end can be customized to include your company logo and you can even customize the css-file for it.


Pricing will be per 2 -sockets (ESX hosts) for the standard edition.
For the customized version you will have the same pricing as Standard plus a fixed fee for the customization option (and probably some consultancy fees).

When registered for evaluation, on the the download page you will see three different downloads available.

  1. Windows installable
  2. Linux installable
  3. Virtual Appliance (OVF + three (vmdk) disk-files) (vService compatible?)


Go and Try Lifecycle Manager (


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