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Vmworld Europe 2008 Day 1 part 1 Keynote

Posted by Gerben on 28/2/2008


At Tuesday the general event of VMworld Europe 2008 started with the keynote by Diane Greene.

After welcoming the audience, showing some figures about growth and mentioning VMware was awarded the most reliable product by Redmond magazine with IBM mainframe as second runner up, Diane handed over to Stefan Van Overveldt from BT (British Telecom). At BT they have placed VMware software in the heart of their strategy, in terms of maturity regarding virtualization they are on the right track to enter the stage of cloud computing. Besides BT a couple of major hardware vendors IBM, HP and DELL presented at the keynote all announcing their support and readiness to ship ESX Server 3i. Not on stage but also co-annoucing was Fujitsu Siemens.

Diane Greene ended by demoing Virtual Desktop solutions (Virtual desktop portability with VDI and the newly acquired VMware Thinstall product).

Diane Greene Intro Keynote
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First impressions VMworld Europe 2008

Posted by Gerben on 26/2/2008

At monday the partner day kicked off the VMworld Europe 2008 event. With a keynote by Diane Greene and some other speakers and quite a lot (1200+) attendees. This was the first ever Partner day in Europe and I think it was a success!. Due to NDA-regulations I can’t elaborate too much, so I will keep it general and just give you a impression how the partner day took pace by showing you some pictures.

Have fun

The pictures can be found at: My VMworld Europe 2008 Photo’s on Flickr (please be patient while more photo’s are being added).


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Novell buys Platespin

Posted by Gerben on 26/2/2008


Today (monday 25 feb 2008) Novell announced the acquisition of Platespin ltd.. Novell inc. will acquire PlateSpin for $205 million using current cash. The press-release can be found here.

So after Vizioncore being bought by Quest, now it’s the turn for Platespin to being swallowed by a big player in the tools-section of the virtualization market. Being a relative new company (compared to the bigger ones like microosft and vmware) Platespin was founded in 2003, it was just a matter of time to see a take over being settled.

Platespin always had a very great interest in VMware products, I’m curious to see how this develops now Novell, the king of "Open" platforms took over the company. Will it move their attention to open source variants like XEN  opensource or even XENServer from Citrix. Time will tell how fate develops 😉

More info can be found at

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Welcome to VMworld Europe 2008

Posted by Gerben on 25/2/2008

Today or better tonight we (my collegue Piet Kiekebos and I) arrived in Cannes, after our plane touched the ground in Nice we catched the last shuttle bus to Cannes (around 23:30). The bus took us to the "Palais de Festivals" in Cannes. From here other shuttle buses took over the hotel visits. Unfortunately the bus to our hotel was retired because of the late hour, so we had to catch a taxi to the hotel. Finally we arrived at our hotel near Cannes after midnight.

At the check-in desk the guy told us that there was no WiFi on the floor we are staying, but we could use a cable connection to a socket on the phone. Somewhat dissapointed we left to our room and of course checked the connection he told us about, just what I was thinking: RJ11 (phone connection). Bummer, so no internet in our room, at least that was what I thought then.

Just neclecting everything the guy at the reception told us I flipped the lid of my laptop and just tried to see if I could connect to the WiFi hotspot. And guess what? I got a signal, not very strong but enough to post.

Here is a first impression: an empty entrance of Palais de Festivals at Sunday evening.


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Has the virtualization price war begun?

Posted by Gerben on 23/2/2008

Patrick O’Rourke from the Windows Virtualization Team Blog noticed that The Yankee Group published a new report detailing about the pricing benifits customers will experience with the increasing competition in the virtualization business. Great timing by The Yankee Group publishing the report on the evening before VMworld Europe in Cannes.

In short the report shows the differences in costs between the different vendors of virtualization software and more important the consequences these differences in costs have on the decision makers when it comes to choose the one or the other. The report tells the story of some customers who choose in favour of VMware’s competitors based on the cost aspect. VMware still is the market leader with the greatest penetration in the market, but will it be able to keep this position?

read more at The Windows Virtualization Team Blog

Check for more Blogging from Cannes!

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Getting ready for VMworld Europe in Cannes, France

Posted by Gerben on 22/2/2008

Just a couple of days before VMworld Europe starts in Cannes, France. I just did a last check to see if everything is arranged as expected: hotel, flight and event confirmation.

For me the adventure starts next Sunday evening when I have to travel to Schiphol (Amsterdam) to catch the plane towards Nice (Cote D’azur, France). Then on monday the European version of VMworld starts with the partner day in Cannes. Location of the event is Palais de Festivals, the same location as where the famous Filmfestival takes place.


Next from Tuesday through Thursday the main event takes place.


I noticed that there are quite a few collegues attending this event.

I will be blogging as much as possible at VMworld Europe, so if you’re attending too and you spot some guy typing a lot on his DELL laptop, chances are that it’s me writing a blog entry.


vmworld website:


partner day agenda:

alternative timetable 1:

alternative timetable 2:

session abstracts:

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Windows Server 2008 & Windows Vista SP1 – RTM

Posted by Gerben on 05/2/2008

On February 4th the Windows Server Division launched Windows Server 2008 RTM. On the same day Windows Vista SP1 RTM’d as well.

Some links:



Windows Server 2008

Site- Windows Server Division WebLog


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Release: VMware Virtual Desktop Manager 2.0

Posted by Gerben on 30/1/2008

Alessandro at already mentioned it in a nice summary so I quote:

Today VMware releases its much awaited VDI connection broker: Virtual Desktop Manager (VDM) 2.0

Despite the versioning this is the very first release of VDM that VMware makes available outside its Professional Services channel. This specific release is also interesting because is the first one which integrates technology acquired from Propero.

The product is in public beta since September 2007 and the RTM build (403) sports some interesting features:

  • Partially fault-tolerant architecture (user database synchronization between VDM servers)
  • DMZ-friendly architecture (front-end tier for incoming connection and back-end tier for Active Directory and VI3)
  • Integration with VirtualCenter
  • Win32 and web-based client (it integrates rdesktop on Linux and Microsoft RDP Client on Windows and Mac OS)
  • Web-based management interfaces
  • RDP tunneling over SSL
  • Support for HA solutions (NLB or clustering)
  • Support for persistent and non-persistent desktop pools
  • Support for RSA SecurID based authentication
  • Support for Microsoft Active Directory authentication
  • Support for client USB redirection

Download a trial here.

To add some extra info: Eric Sloof from NTPRO.NL gave a presentation about the installation and configuration of the Virtual Desktop Manager at the Dutch VMUG event last december. This presentation is available for download at the site of the Dutch VMware User Group:

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Release: Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.0

Posted by Gerben on 29/1/2008

parallels (new logo)

It’s official SWsoft changed it’s name to Parallels. That’s exactly the reason why Virtuozzo is called Parallels Virtuozzo from now on. Yesterday Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.0 was released. What exactly do we have here? Let’s take a look.

virtuozzo containers

Virtuozzo Containers is a virtualization product in the OS Virtualization section, this means that it virtualizes servers at OS (kernel) level. On the site of Parallels they have a nice diagram showing the hypervisor/hardware virtualization technology in comparison to OS virtualization.

os&hardware virt_compared

Examples of hypervisor/hardware virtualization: VMware Virtual Infrastructure, Parallels Server, Microsoft’s Hyper-V, Virtual Iron etc.

Examples of OS-virtualization: Parallels Virtuozzo, Sun Solaris Containers, OpenVZ

The new features in this version are:

  • Re-designed Management tools
  • Full support for Windows and Red Hat Linux clustering services.
  • A full set of backup enhancements
  • Additional high availability and incremental processing capabilities with support for Microsoft Network Load Balancing.
  • Robust centralized resource management.

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Microsoft Announces Vision and Strategy (on Virtualization)

Posted by Gerben on 25/1/2008

At tuesday January 22, Microsoft Virtualization Deployment Summit was kicked of with a keynote. A lot of news regarding Microsoft and Virtualization was presented before and after this date.

There are three major news facts to identify:

  1. Microsoft’s acquisition of Calista Technologies
  2. Microsoft and Citrix Systems expand alliance to deliver Virtualization Solutions from the Desktop to the Datacenter
  3. Microsoft annouced extension of their licensing policy regarding Microsoft Vista, now also the Vista Home Basic and Vista Home Premium are officaly supported to run in a virtual environment. Together with this Microsoft announced support for their applications running through virtual (Microsoft Application Virtualization f.k.a. Softgrid), starting with Microsoft Office.

The (recorded) webcast of Keynote Microsoft Virtualization Deployment Summit (approx. 2 hours)

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